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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Fraud begets fraud

All this time I used to feel bad each time i hear news of him dating
dumbchit fraud..I would look at the picture of him being naive or
sometimes feel sad that given how smart and talented he is,he doesn't
realize that he deserves better..

but this keeps happening ever too often and i started wondering.

And then , recently i heard him talk about a lot of things and HE

and that is when i realized..

he is a fraud on this inside and that is why he is more comfortable
being with overt frauds...

people inner person gets exposed based on the kind of people they
choose to be with..

and there is no way this man must feel okay having sex with such
extremely unoriginal fruads...unless a little part of him believes
that he is worthless shit and hence only deserves such worthless


Many talentless women try to have sex with talented men in the hope
that some of that talent gets imbibed into them via osmosis through
their vagina during sex? WTF...IDIOT WOMEN...greedy idiot women

The definition of an "ALCOHOL PROBLEM"

A person who HASN'T CONSUMED ALCOHOL even till the age of 23, WHEN
such a person suddenly feels the need to CONSUME atleast one drink
each night, hard liquor at that..

MEDICALLY? that qualifies as an alcohol problem

also, MOST ALCOHOLICS don't even REALIZE they have a problem till a
point where they are at a stage of VERY VERY DAMAGING substance abuse

and by substance abuse, i mean,ALCOHOL DEPENDANCE...alcohol is a toxic
substance with BOTH, psychological and physiological dependance

AND , can you please tell me, WHY you used to NOT DRINK before?
and why AND WHEN did you start drinking?

"alcohol questionnaire" and i think you need to go take it...

CAGE---look that up..

one of the biggest PROBLEMS with a developing alcohol problem is, denial...
DENIAL, that you possibly have a problem..





and all those housewives NEEDING to have a drink of wine while they
cook for their family , NEED TO GO EXPLORE if their life is being
wasted doing nothing but drudgery work for family members..just coz in
their youth they couldn't gather enough education or inspiration to
feel the need to have an identity or personality or a job of their



a person with a high propensity to practice addicitve pattern...
either be it a an alcoholic habit
or someone other ocd habit, LIKE , watch collection
or self desctructive ocd habits , like hooking up with EXTREMELY
incompatible romantic partners who drain the life out of you...

so, yeah...there goes the long and short of it

Tell tale signs -part two

1/I came across your blog two years after you wrote those
the time i started reading them, YOU HAD ALREADY CHANGED...
I was reading and understanding you as this man , who was already
changed by then.What you were two years ago was what i assumed you
still were...

2/wrong reasons to instantly get attracted to people without
assessing them in other ways is -when i instantly get pally with men
who DON'T DRINK or don't smoke or don't eat animals...for all i care,
the guy is possibly NOT DRINKING NOW, coz he is trying to stay sober
after having been a raving alcoholic...AND IS trying to not smoke coz
he has other health issues or trying to stay vegan coz he has an
identity crisis or eating disorder...

I DON'T SMOKE OR DRINK OR EAT MEAT out of sheer principle BUT many
other people might do it for OTHER REASONS..and thus using that
CRITERION as a blind way to choose partners is yet another mistake.

WHEN I FIRST FOUND YOU, you claimed to NOT DRINK out of principle AND
INFACT, you were making fun of alcoholics..AND THAT INSTANTLY HIT IT
OFF WITH ME...I thought , "finally i actually found a guy who
consciously DOESN'T DRINK"

3/I found you in late 2003-early 2004 and by the time i was playing
CATCH UP reading your old blog and finding out what you have said and
done so far, YOU WERE BUSY changing...changing fast into SOMEONE ELSE

to be contd in PART 3


people who do not know how to honor another person's request are
bullies in one sense..

When you request someone to never cross your path of memory by
visiting your blog and they keep doing it whenever they please, just
coz they can and just coz it is in their power to be able to do so..

it demonstrates what kind of an UNRULY,power-tripping personality they are..
it also shows how some people behave only when there is this person
who is constantly monitoring them and constantly running after them
with a stick rapping their knuckles when they act sneaky..

i DON'T LIKE TO ENGAGE WITH PEOPLE who need constant
disciplining...because i find that whole act of "keeping an eye" on
any person very DRAINING...

i have no respect for people who abuse power..
PATH...then please honor my request and LEAVE ME ALONE..

i don't even want a trace of memory of you in my mind anymore..GO

Tags: #mr_green #asshole

everyday sad reminder

Each day the amount of effort it takes me to dissaude myself from him
saying, "there is no future in this.He already has a kid with someone
"he already had a kid"
"you will never have an exclusive life with him, coz the baby mama
will keep calling him for alteast the next 16 yrs, using the kid as an

"no matter how much you love the kid, the kid will always see you as a

Atleast there are two occasions each single fucking day where i am
telling myself, "this is over..he already has a kid with someone else"

and i am just waiting this to fade away, so that i don't need to do
these reminders anymore..WHEN THE FUCK IS THAT GOING TO HAPPEN...

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